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Our Experience

We have 48 years of experience on electric motors and generators of all sizes types and brands, low and medium voltages.

Our capabilities

We are capable of repairing, re manufacturing any of your motors, generators and pumps.
We can also, design and redesign any electric motors, for any voltages, speeds, Hz, HP for any of your applications.

our mission

Provide the best service and quality of work to our clients, always. Be available with innovative solutions and the best efficient possible.

our strategy

We don’t just repair things, we remanufacture every apparatus to factory specs and we give you factory warranty for everything with the best quality.


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  • Motor and generator repairing

  • Motor and generator remanufacturing

  • Pumps repair and remanufacture

  • Design and redisign of electric motors

  • All of our services are available on any sizes, low & medium voltages, Frequencies, speeds and HP.


Aurora Motors

Our vertical hollow shaft motors represent the ultimate in a premium quality motor at ultra competitive price levels. All cast iron construction, WPI enclosures with heavy stainless steel rodent screens make for a rugged durable design.

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drives, solar drives

Veikong Electric is professional supplier for solar pump inverter and variable frequency drive and servo drive and soft starter.

Monitoring system

(Wireless cellular communicaton type, this will provide: Motor and bearing temperature, vibration, 3-phase Amperages, voltage, location and physical impact information. All on a customized dashboard on phones, tablets and computers.)

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we can also provide


Electrical enclosures and components
(Contactors, terminal blocks, Lugs, Terminals, Relays, Timers, control transformers, transformers…etc)


If you need anything in the electrical-mechanical field that you don’t see in this list, please ask us, we’ll source the best equipments and components for you, at the best price vs quality possible

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